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Oral Conscious Sedation In Ann Arbor, Michigan

Oral conscious sedation provides patients with a moderate level of anxiety a fear-free dental visit. This treatment can help people be more comfortable during their appointment. Many people experience anxiety when thinking about the dentist, especially during time consuming procedures. Any sedation method at Ann Arbor Smiles can be used for any procedure, from a simple cleaning to a more complicated restoration. Our office can provide ways to make you more relaxed with your visit.

Oral conscious sedation involves the patient taking a premedication pill prior to their appointment. Normally, you would take this medication an hour before you are scheduled in the office. This medication provides a tranquil state of mind and is designed to help you relax. If you choose this option, you’ll still be aware of your surroundings and able to control the pace of your appointment. Also, this level of sedation can create an amnesic effect and make you feel that your appointment only was a few minutes long.

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Oral Conscious Sedation and Safety

During your appointment, our dentist will monitor your vital signs, breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level. This is a safety precaution.

Your dentist will review your medical history to make sure you are a candidate for this type of sedation. In addition, you’ll need to have a responsible friend or family member accompany you to and from our office. In certain cases, this family member will need to monitor you after your appointment.

Please call Ann Arbor Smiles to speak with a member of our staff to see if you are a candidate for oral conscious sedation. Let us know if you have anxiety that makes it difficult for you to seek dental treatment. Our compassionate staff can create a plan for your treatment, reduce your anxiety, and increase your comfort in our office.

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