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Custom Shading In Ann Arbor, MI

Custom shading or color matching takes approximately a half hour to change the appearance of a tooth. Each tooth color is measured objectively. This allows the shading to be precise, consistent, and natural.

Please notify your dentist before your appointment if you are bleaching your teeth. You should wait at least two weeks after whitening before your shading procedure. This helps your natural teeth reach a stable color. If you do bleach before your procedure your repair may be darker than you would like or may not match with your adjacent natural teeth. Make sure your dentist is aware of any bleaching toothpaste or whitening strips, and stop use before your appointment.

Your dentist will take into account nearby teeth and the variations in tooth color. In addition, your dentist knows to properly balance the transparency of the tooth, the enamel, your natural tooth color, and restorations. All of these variables including the hydration or dehydration of your teeth go into creating your custom repair. Moreover, the unique characteristics of your teeth can be replicated through custom shading. Also, your restoration should be checked under certain light sources, morning, mid-day, afternoon, UV light, to make sure that your restoration matches your normal teeth and does not look like a restoration.

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Other Benefits Of Custom Shading

Custom shading enhances other procedures and helps your teeth appear more natural and healthy. Also, bleaching is not recommended for all types of discolored teeth this method may be an option to restore your smile.

Root Canals – If your tooth isn’t broken, it may be used in lieu of a filling or crown.

Veneers – Because they are translucent, you may need to bleach them or add shading to match your surrounding teeth.

Whitening – If bleaching is not an option, shading may help restore the look of your teeth.

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