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Composite or teeth colored fillings are less invasive and last longer than regular metal fillings. They take longer to place, but they are shaped and molded to your teeth. Also, they can make your smile appear brighter! Composites can be used for teeth that are chipped, stained, or as normal fillings. Additionally, they are made from a glass or quartz resin medium that is stronger than normal enamel.

Unlike veneers, composite resin or bonding can be completed in one visit. This type of filling is primarily for those who only have minor issues with their teeth but otherwise have a healthy smile.


Procedures for Teeth Colored Fillings

Composites can only be placed on clean and dry teeth, so your procedure will begin after a routine cleaning. Your dentist will remove some of the surface enamel to texturize the surface or remove any decay. Moreover, this step allows your dentist to make the best shape for the resin. Then, your tooth is reshaped, cleaned, and dried. Afterward, your dentist will add resin and a bonding agent. Next, your filling will be cured with a special light. Then, your dentist will polish your teeth and around your new filling to smooth any rough edges. In conclusion, it is important to have this work done by an expert who knows how to make your filling look and feel natural.

Teeth colored fillings can resist wear and normally last more than 5 years. Some health insurance covers this type of filling, others will only cover up to the cost of a metal filling.

Ann Arbor Smiles offers composites because amalgam or metal fillings have a tendency to expand and contract with hot and cold foods. While metal fillings are approved by the American Dental Association, our office does not like to use them because they can crack or break teeth. Composite fillings provide a much better alternative and protect your teeth.

Call Ann Arbor Smiles today to schedule an appointment if you would like to replace your old metal fillings or need a new filling!

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