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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation is one of the safest dental sedation methods. Due to the non-narcotic effect of this treatment, you do not normally need someone to accompany you to the dental office. This drug holds less risk of complications and can be used for children and pregnant women. Also, the effects of nitrous oxide or ‘laughing gas’ wear off within five minutes of ending the treatment. While you may need to wait for all the effects to wear off, you should be able to drive yourself home!

This sedation is inhaled through your nose during a procedure through a mask that lays over your nose. Nitrous oxide has a calming and analgesic (pain reducing) effect that helps in cases of mild anxiety or even an overactive gag reflex. During this sedation method, you are still conscious and not fully sedated. You will have a memory of the appointment and you may feel discomfort during certain procedures.

This treatment is for patients with mild apprehension or nervousness about their procedure. In addition, it is great for patients who have a very touchy gag reflex.

Sedation helps patients who otherwise would not seek treatment for dental issues to relax comfortably and can make the appointment appear to fly by.


Other sedation methods

Oral Conscious Sedation: Great for patients with moderate levels of anxiety. Requires transportation to and from your appointment.

Intravenous Sedation, IV Sedation: Deep relaxation, used for patients with moderate to high levels of anxiety and during complicated procedures. Also, requires transportation to and from your appointment.

Talk to your Ann Arbor Smiles dentist if you think sedation dentistry is right for you! Our compassionate staff will listen to your concerns and create a plan for your appointment so that you feel as comfortable as possible in our office.

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