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Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric Dentistry for Infants, Toddlers, Children, Young Adults + those with Special Needs

Our goal is to make your child’s experience comfortable and positive, resulting in beautiful healthy smiles!

We offer oral health exams, preventive care through yearly check-ups to monitor growth and cleaning, filling cavities, assessment for orthodontics (braces), and treating gum disease.

I will be making this office my permanent dentist and feel confident that they are taking COVID seriously and working to create a comfortable environment for their patients.

Dr. Hoffman was very thorough and explained the status of my daughter’s dental exam in a very clear and informative manner. The office staff were all very professional and cordial COVID precautionary measures were put into place making me feel very safe visiting the office for my daughter’s dental exam.


The folks at Ann Arbor Smiles are caring, compassionate and professional. I really like and trust them with my daughter’s dental care.


We Love Kids!

A mini-guide to children’s dental care.

We offer oral health exams, preventive care thorough yearly checkups to monitor growth and cleaning, dental sealants, composite and amalgam fillings, orthodontics (braces) assessments, and treatment for gum disease.

Brushing: When they can walk, they can try brushing. Use a pea-sized amount of mild-tasting – even sparkly – toothpaste with a fancy kid-sized toothbrush. Brushing for at least three minutes may test a child’s short attention span, so build up to it and try making it a game. By age six or seven, children can brush twice a day independently.

First Visit: Schedule your child’s first dental visit between the ages of two and three. Most first visits involve introductions to our staff and a basic checkup. You can prepare them by playing dentist ahead of time and examining each other’s teeth. Communicate fun and excitement!

Sealants: Children should have dental sealants placed on their molars as soon as their teeth come in, and before decay has a chance to damage them. A plastic tooth-colored material will protect molar surfaces from cavities, without discomfort, for up to 15 years.
Emergencies: Some 14% of children will experience a toothache, a chipped or broken tooth, or a knocked-out tooth, so it’s important to prepare an action plan. The best protection for damaged or broken teeth is prevention with a mouthguard that can be custom-fitted at the dental office. No matter the cause of the emergency, it is crucial that your child gets to a dentist as quickly as possible for evaluation and treatment.

We can’t wait to help your entire family create a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles! By emphasizing the importance of early prevention, our goal is to make your child’s dental experiences comfortable and positive, resulting in a smile that’s beautiful for life. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Meet our Doctor

Dr. Liane Racelis Dr. Heather Hoffman , DDS, Pediatric Dentist, began her dental education at the University of North Carolina (UNC), where she earned a BS in Biology in 2010. She then earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 2014 from the prestigious New York University (NYU). A kid at heart who has an innate ability to empathize with kids and anxious young adults, Dr. Hoffman pursued and earned her Pediatric Dentistry Certificate in 2016. She earned her diplomate status from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry in 2017. She loves how sweet, strong, and appreciative children can be and enjoys helping kids get the best start for a lifetime of excellent oral health. Her focus is on preventing issues while creating a positive dental experience for those under her care.

Dr. Hoffman practiced for two years in Maryland while her husband Dr. Moe Hakim – also a dentist – completed his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency in Washington DC. She spent another two years practicing in Boston as Moe completed a fellowship in TMJ arthroscopy at Harvard/MGH. Because Ann Abor is such a charming, family-friendly town, Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Hakim are thrilled to raise their growing family here. When she’s not in the office, Dr. Hoffman loves to paint as a hobby, enjoys date nights with Moe, traveling, working out, boating, hiking, and listening to live music.

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