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Fear Free Dentistry

As a dental practice, we know that we are not everyone’s favorite place to visit. We’ve even done the research. According to a few studies, between 30% and 50% of people avoid dentists out of fear. To help people that would otherwise avoid seeking treatment, we offer fear free dentistry options. We want to help people who would normally avoid dental cleanings, procedures, and early detection of decay. We would like them to avoid expensive and long appointments in the future. But we know not everyone loves us.

Relaxing Environment

If you have only a mild apprehension about visiting the dentist, we can provide comfortable surroundings, blankets, and memory foam pillows to help you feel at home. In addition, you are always welcome to listen to your headphones during an appointment. We find that calming music, audiobooks, or guided meditations can help take your mind elsewhere.

Our dentists and hygienists know that the patient is always in control of their appointment. You can communicate or raise your hand to pause or slow a session down. Sometimes this quick break is enough to remind you that you are in control of what is happening and to reduce your overall anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation can lower anxiety and provide ways for people to relax during their dental appointments. At Ann Arbor Smiles we offer three different types of sedation, to allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable during and after your treatment.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation: a gas that you breathe in through a mask that lays over your nose. Delivers a pain relieving and calming effect that wears off quickly. In normal cases you can drive yourself home.

Oral Conscious Sedation: administered in pill form an hour before your appointment. Creates a deep sedation for persons with moderate anxiety. You must have a driver take you to and from your appointment, you will also need observation after your appointment.

IV Sedation: administered intravenously during your appointment. Creates a deep sedation in a semi-awake state for people with high anxiety or used in time consuming procedures. You must have a driver take you to and from your appointment, you will also need observation after your appointment.

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